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Bit-Unlock - Unlock bitlocker drive.

Bit-UNLOCK is a service that allows users to unlock Bit-locked drives when they do not have the key.


Scenario 1: Currently, when updating the operating system or changing the motherboard of a Dell or other brand machine, BITLOCKER is enabled by default and the user is unable to access data.


Scenario 2: While upgrading the hard drive, it was also removed from the old laptop (unknown to the user – it is blocked) and inserted into the new laptop – data cannot be accessed.


In Both the Scenario user do not have the Bit-Locker Key. Check your Microsoft account to see if you have a bit locker key stored there.


If you go to Dell or Manufacturer, they will redirect you to Microsoft – Microsoft owns the BitLocker product. According to Microsoft procedures/documents, bit locker users should save the KEY or export to an online account.


Finally, no one can truly assist in resolving the preceding issue.

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