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Bit-Unlock - Bitlocker Key Unlock 1L

Bit-Unlock - Bitlocker Key Unlock 1L

₹5,000.00 Regular Price
₹3,750.00Sale Price

Bit-UNLOCK is a service that allows users to unlock Bit-locked drives when user do not have the key.


Scenario 1: Currently, when updating the operating system or changing the motherboard of a Dell or other brand machine, BITLOCKER is enabled by default and the user is unable to access data.


Scenario 2: While upgrading the hard drive, it was also removed from the old laptop (unknown to the user – it is blocked) and inserted into the new laptop – data cannot be accessed.


In Both the Scenario user do not have the Bit-Locker Key. Check your Microsoft account to see if you have a bit locker key stored there.


If you go to Dell or Manufacturer, they will redirect you to Microsoft – Microsoft owns the BitLocker product. According to Microsoft procedures/documents, bit locker users should save the KEY or export to an online account.


Finally, no one can truly assist in resolving the preceding issue.

  • How Do We Assist or Solve?

    Traditional Key makers have big bunch of KEY – they try one-after-the other key to the lock and tris to unlock, if you are lucky you get the key and unlock the lock.


    In the same way, we generate Technologically RANDOM generate the Bit-locker key and checking – if it unlocks your bit locker drive Bingo – you have the key.


    1 Lac Key will be Checked.

  • Know more about service:

    What we need?

    • Bit locked Hard drive
    • Advance payment
    • Contact Details (email id, Mobile number and Full name, Address)


    • Non-working or BAD Sector SATA hard drive
    • SAS or SSD hard drive
    • Formatted, Deleted or overwritten hard drive.
  • FAQ:

    Q. How Much Time it will take
    A. Depending on the Key pack selected – 1 to 7 days.


    Q. What are the chance or success?
    A. No guarantee – Really need data then Just Take chance.


    Q.  How to send hard drive?
    A. Two ways to send hard drive, First Personally deliver or send Via reputed courier (packed it like glass material)


    Q. What about my hard drive is Formatted?
    A. Formatted hard drive – Bit locker key generation is NOT Possible – DO NOT SEND.


    Q. What about my hard drive has BAD Sector or partially working and BIT LOCKED but No Keys.
    A. Here cost will differ first we need to make full drive reading capable (which is separate cost), next you can avail the bit-unlock service.


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