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Our free tools are trusted by thousands of users worldwide. We constantly update and improve our tools to ensure they remain the most reliable and effective ones on the market. We strive to help our users maintain the highest levels of data safety while providing them with a hassle-free experience. By using our free tools, you'll have the power to keep your data secure and protected from hackers and cybercriminals.

Data Shreddar

Shred Data - Before Discarding any storage device.

Protect your Data
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Simple Tools to Shreds your working data to non-working. Basically it SHRED's file Content.


CAUTION : DO NOT USE ON LIVE and Non-Backup data.


Why and when to use?

1. USED ONLY ON DRIVE ORMEDIA - Which you want to DISCARD, but don't want

a. Other people to access,

b. Recovery your data.

c. use or mis-use the data.



1. Makes all the file below selected directory and sub-directory, USELESS.

2. Retains Original Data and Time.

3. Shreds file in such a way no one can recovery or use the content.


NOTE: TXT file is skipped and not Shredded.

UNLOCK - BitLock Drive.

Bit-Unlock - Bitlocker Key

Bit-UNLOCK is a service that allows users to unlock Bit-locked drives when user do not have the key.


Scenario 1: Currently, when updating the operating system or changing the motherboard of a Dell or other brand machine, BITLOCKER is enabled by default and the user is unable to access data.


Scenario 2: While upgrading the hard drive, it was also removed from the old laptop (unknown to the user – it is blocked) and inserted into the new laptop – data cannot be accessed.


In Both the Scenario user do not have the Bit-Locker Key. Check your Microsoft account to see if you have a bit locker key stored there.


If you go to Dell or Manufacturer, they will redirect you to Microsoft – Microsoft owns the BitLocker product. According to Microsoft procedures/documents, bit locker users should save the KEY or export to an online account.


Finally, no one can truly assist in resolving the preceding issue.

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