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Guideline for Data Recovery Client

Welcome and Namaskar - Data Recovery Client,

Flexible Pricing based on your Hard disk capacity and Operating system or Device will be submitted to client after checking device.

When and Why user/client should go for data recovery?

  • Data is worth and Valuable.

  • It really saves the time and penalty from government or other legal matters.

  • Photograph and old document which can’t be re-produced or re-created is priceless.

  • Need data and only DATA.

What is Our Role?

Team work on your Media to retrieve the data, Team do their BEST to Salvage all possible data.

Why Cost is higher?

Any service - client feels cost is high - but reality labor, Time and other factors is also costly.

We have Simple process Just Submit Device, our team will check and Quote the recovery price.

  • Easy to understand

  • Easy to take decision

  • Transparent

  • Easy to follow process

Compare to anyone - it gives all clarity and years of experience to deal with professional company like us.

As client for data recovery - need is for DATA and DATA ONLY - accept our pricing , we can help better.

What is 100%? - hearing sound good but Very Vague Term - Our Team provides those data what is found

100% include Software and Program also?

100% only DATA

100% includes songs / Music / Photo of Another people/Singer

Why 100% Data Recovery is not possible?

  • To the best of the knowledge near to 100% is possible but not 100%.

  • User or owner of the data is not aware of 100% data details.

  • It is difficult to remember or No record of what is on computer is maintained.

  • Cross-linking and De-fragmentation is digital file storage situation wherein due to which user might loses or may not get the required data  more than 2 to 5% in normal case and much more percentage on higher side.

  • Already some expert / un-professional person has tried or made attempt for the recovery. - Expecting Miracle

  • Media is already been opened by some other person.

Special not for Deleted Data Recovery:

Ensure no additional data is written to the drive after the files have been lost. This is because when you delete a file, you are simply removing its locating tag while the file itself stays intact on the drive. But if you add new data to the drive, you may overwrite your lost data, and full recovery will be less likely.

Data Quality?

Scene 1: No damage, perfectly good quality.

Scene 2: Sometime not always data can’t be retrieved in original format or filename then it needs to recover content wise but no name – after viewing the content user/client can rename the file. In such scenario user will have to put in extra effort to get the correct file name. here as a technically retrieval is possible only content wise only.

Success Ratio ?

1st Case - our team is Accessing first - ratio is 99.99%

0.01% CRITICAL case, Parts are not available, Client gave wrong information.

2nd Case - Our team is Not first to access the device - 0%-80%

Reason : Time and cost constraint, sometime not retrievable, No original parts or Modified

When Recovery is NOT possible?​

  • Required Part - NOT available.

  • User / client has

    • fixed or low budget

    • decline due to un-specified reason.

    • Media is password protected or Encrypted (no key is available)

  • Smart Tempering

    • Media  - opened by un-professional service providers.

    • Media - physical scratch on platter or damaged.

    • Media -  abused / water damaged

    • Media  - exposed to sun / heat / magnet.

    • Original Parts - missing or modified

    • Media - purposely filled with ZERO or overwritten with JUNK.

    • Lot of Data Recovery tools are tried or

    • Data is written on same media.

  • Manufacturer Port Locked or Encrypted Device


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