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Data Recovery for Ransomeware

Data Recovery for Ransomeware

₹35,000.00 Regular Price
₹25,000.00Sale Price

It is a storage drive Recovery Service for single Laptop or Desktop. This service is required after Data is loss.


Yes We can help - Do read following Sections and Carefully follow.

  • Product Information

    Storage Device Capacity up to 1 TB
    Drive Type IDE or SATA
    File System Windows
    TAT (Turn-Around-Time) 7-25 Working Days
    Type of Case

    1st Case

    1st Case Means: Our company is the First to access storage device whose data is loss. User or client or 3rd party has NOT tried with other recovery company or professional data recovery company or file software or data recovery tools or tempered device.

  • Disclaimer and Exclusion

    Whatever data is Recovered will be Delivered.
    Device Warranty will be Void.

    Service Charges is Non-Refundable.


    Decryption Charges are Refundable, (In case of No Recovery is done and if 3rd Party agress to Return)

    x Case diagnosed or checked by another Vendor.
    x  storage Media other than laptop or desktop
    x Spares / Parts Required for Data Recovery.
    x Pickup or Drop Serivce or Shipping Charges.
    x Express Service.
  • Basic Understanding 1:

    In process 3 part is involved:

    1. Client 2. We service provider 3. 3rd party decryption

    Decryption work only for specified key i.e. per key – per device, multiple key – multiple device – multiple cost. For each key or device 3rd party decryption is a LABOR.


    Decryption and other work will be done in our LAB only.


    Before even we talk or discuss anything further Keep 3 point in mind.

    1. We are here to help, consider as negotiator on your behalf.

    2. DATA is Important and No choice of getting it back from any other sources.

    3. approx. cost verbally told is acceptable.


    If above is acceptable – then only follow next step:

  • How Things Work:

    • Send 2-3 sample file like JPG, DOC,XLS,PPT,PDF (size should be less) on email id specified.
    • After Successful result – cost and approx. time line will be specified.
    • On approval (within 24 hours) send device and Payment to LAB plus BLANK device.
    • Normally it takes 3-25 working days to give result.
    • We retain one device with data at our LAB – another Device will be given to client.
    • Client will copy/transfer all DATA on SOS basis, give clear confirmation.
  • Which Case Result or Delivery is NOT Possible:

    • Coordination person (client side)
      • Dishonest or Wrong SOW (scope-of-work).
      • Approval takes long time – It must be timebound. (24 hours)
    • During or After process:
      • Original Device or sample file given has mis-match
      • Original device already some extra activity or antivirus or recovery tools are tried
      • Original Device has multiple infection of ransomware
      • Original device is failing electronically or while decryption physically failed.
  • Data Recovery Service Agreement and Guideline

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