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Overwritten Data Recovery

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Data is overwritten for several reasons.

Shades of meaning:

#1 The device or drive is in working order.

#2 User may collect partial or less than 100 percent data

#3 Data Recovery Percentage or result will be known only after job or work is done.

Rule after the data has been overwritten.

#1 STOP working on a device or on a drive.

#2 Isolate and hold the drive or drive separately for data recovery.

Why is this rule?

Really want Overwritten data – STOP further damage so that whatever is left (and not overwritten) can still be retrieved. SO DO FOLLOW RULES #1 and #2.

What Mistakes are done after Overwritten and require data:

#1 Continue to work on the same device

#2 Don't really disconnect or segregate the device or the drive.

For the best and brighter outcome:

#1 Overwritten use may obtain most of the required data, follow Rule#1 and Rule#2 or expect a result as if it had been accepted.

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