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Make your Mobile Will or Mobile Nomination.

How to Un-lock?

Being an Data Recovery Expert - Regular I get call from

Wife, Son Or nearest family member

" My Father or Husband has recently passed away, Mobile is Locked with Screen lock or finger print lock or face lock." All Important details needs to be UN-locked without disturbing the DATA.

Why Didn't tell the password?

Now Imagine family members may suffer due to such locking feature, it is good for data safety or privacy - on other hand in case of right people to access and make best use is deprived.

Like in case of property - we have nomination facility, and for other it is WILL.

Nomination or will is executed then legal heirs doesn't face much trouble in managing the assets or whatever is left behind.

Add your Nomination

for Mobile you can Add one of your family member finger to access the mobile, in your absence or share your pattern lock or password with family member for accessing the mobile.

Small Good practice will help.

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