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Overwritten - DVR Data Recovery?

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

DVR Data Recovery client Query?

Q 1 : My DVR HDD is Working, I need the Overwritten Data ?

Q 2: I need a Particular Date and Timings data (or Footage) to be recovered?

BASIC Understanding:

DVR drive or hard disk is not like a normal data storage type drive, here data is stored in streams (not as regular data files). so it doesn't have directory or file structures. plus it overwrites when space is exhausted or over.

DVR may have camera setting as Still, No motion - wherein when there is no movement - it stops recording, in such scenario use may not get in-between un-recorded video/stream.

While Retrieving you may NOT get footage as particular date and time but next frame which is not overwritten may have, your required details.

Why Going for data recovery? Requirement is Legal or Personal.

Personal, No Problem - Just Submit the drive to any professional data recovery company.

Legal: As Responsible user/citizen do inform to legal agency first, like police or forensic department.

Before submitting do get 2-3 Copies/Images to be made on other GOOD WORKING hard drive for further/Till legal proceedings.

How Much Time it will Take for data recovery?


1 TB - 4-15 Days.

2 TB - 4-25 Days.

Data Recovery Suggestion:

1. user/Client may or may not get the desired result but it is time and cost consuming process.

2. Post-Recovery client/user need to check each footage personally or set the team to check, this may take more time then recovery.

Why go for DVR data Recovery?

Need such a service (it's important) and comfortable to Pay for the service although No result.

Do you have any product/service for DVR data Recovery or How much it Cost?

Yes, we have Sharing the links for the product.

Feel Free to Call, Email or WhatsApp or schedule a video Call.

Thanking you.

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