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How Much Data Recovery will cost ?

Stop wondering how much it costs to retrieve the information from the hard drive, there is no clear answer to this type of question.

Data is PRICE LESS, Data Valuation or to get actual cost of data, Not measurable.

Few Factors to consider for

data recovery cost:

  • Failure Type - Logical Failure, Firmware Failure, Physical Failure.

  • Turn-around time - how much time deliver data.

  • Resources Required - to deliver data.

Basic of Charging in General by any service provider will be:

Fixed - one flat price

Variable - based on Time, Data Capacity per GB or Per MB cost

Lumsum - any mutually agreed by both parties

The situation is that a large number of people need to get the missing files and take care of the price of data recovery, so we can say hard drive recovery costs. This is a difficult question to answer, because one is that costs are influenced by many factors, and the other is that they are very different. I offer this as an answer to the question, although I cannot give you a clear answer as to how much it will cost but I have a site which gives the clear data recovery cost.

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