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₹4,500.00 Regular Price
₹1,200.00Sale Price

1 Month subscription for premium market indicators.

Simplify Your Trading, Maximize Your Gains

Welcome to FnOANT, your ultimate companion in navigating the stock market with confidence and ease. Designed specifically for beginning investors and those who have faced challenges in trading, FnOANT is here to transform your trading experience and guide you towards more profitable decisions.


It works for Stock, Option, Future and Option, Forex, Crypto, Commodities.

    • Minimum Requirements

      1. TradingView Account: A TradingView account is necessary to access and utilize the Indicator.
      2. Basic Understanding of Trading: While the Indicator simplifies trading decisions, a basic understanding of stock,FNO,Forex,Crypto, Futures trading and technical analysis concepts is beneficial.
    • User Agreement

      By using our FnOANT service, you agree to the following.

      Development and Changes:

      • Major Changes: Any big changes will be implemented immediately.
      • Regular Updates: Other updates will be made quarterly to improve the service.


      • Support Method: We provide support through WhatsApp Text messages for all your queries.

      How to Get Access:

      • Invitation Only: To access the tool, send us your TradingView user ID to get an invite.

      Price Changes and Renewals:

      • Price Updates: The prices are subject to change, but existing users who have paid will continue at their current prices. Renewals will be at the new price.
      • Once payment is completed, it is non-refundable and non-adjustable.


      • Final Decision: Any disputes will be resolved based on the company's decision.
      • The tool does not guarantee any specific income or profitable trades.
      • Once payment is processed, no refunds, cancellations, or adjustments will be facilitated
      • We are Not SEBI registered.
      • We use Trading View's platform. We cannot guarantee assistance if Trading View changes affect our tool's accuracy.
    • How It's Useful?

      Signal Generation: The Indicator provides clear Buy and Sell signals based on price action, helping individuals make informed decisions without extensive technical analysis knowledge.

      Volatility Assessment: The volatility assessment helps traders understand the market dynamics and adjust their strategies accordingly to mitigate risks.

      Target and Stop Loss: Indicative Target and stop Loss help in Risk Control management and aid traders in determining entry and exit points for trades.

      Market Trend: The integration of the Market Trends, offers insights into market trends, assisting traders in spotting potential market moves. Good to Trade or Wait or Don’t Trade.

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