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Encrypted Laptop or Desktop Hard drive

Encrypted Laptop or Desktop Hard drive


It is a Widows Encrypted storage drive Recovery Service for single Laptop or Desktop. This service is required after Data is loss.

  • Product Information

    Storage Device Capacity

    up to 1 TB

    Drive Type IDE or SATA
    File System Windows
    TAT (Turn-Around-Time) 4-15 Working Days
    Type of Case

    1st Case

    1st Case Means: Our company is the First to access storage device whose data is loss. User or client or 3rd party has NOT tried with other recovery company or professional data recovery company or file software or data recovery tools or tempered device.

  • Disclaimer and Exclusion

    Whatever data is Recovered will be Delivered.
    Device Warranty will be Void.

    Refundable, (In case of No Recovery is done)

    x Case diagnosed or checked by another Vendor.
    x Encrypted or Password Protected or Ransomware storage Media.
    x Spares / Parts Required for Data Recovery.
    x Pickup or Drop Serivce or Shipping Charges.
    x Express Service.
  • Cases Covered

    Deleted Data or File Formatted Corrupted Partition
    BAD Sector Slow Reading Firmware Damage
    PCB Damage No Spinning Tuck Tuck Noise
    Stuck Head Seized Motor Wrong Capacity
  • Type of Encryption Covered

    PGP SafeBoot Bit-Locker PointSec McaFee

    ***user need to provide tool for decryption along with decryption key.


  • Data Recovery Service Agreement and Guideline

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