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Budget Data Recovery USB drive Capacity Upto 4 TB

Budget Data Recovery USB drive Capacity Upto 4 TB

₹49,750.00 Regular Price
₹47,750.00Sale Price

Rescue your data from the brink of disaster with Budget Data Recovery! Stop worrying about losing important records and memories, and get the peace of mind you deserve. With the most affordable rates in town -- plus our top-notch customer service -- you can be sure that your lost data will be recovered quickly, safely, and confidentially. Get back to your life without worrying about a thing, with Budget Data Recovery!

  • Product Information

    Storage Device Capacity up to 4 TB
    Drive Type USB
    File System Windows
    TAT (Turn-Around-Time) 4-15 Working Days
    Type of Case

    1st Case

    1st Case Means: Our company is the First to access storage device whose data is loss. User or client or 3rd party has NOT tried with other recovery company or professional data recovery company or file software or data recovery tools or tempered device.

  • Disclaimer and Exclusion

    Whatever data is Recovered will be Delivered.

    Device Warranty will be Void,

    Original Hard drive will not be RETURNED.

    Refundable, (In case of No Recovery is done)

    x Case diagnosed or checked by another Vendor.
    x Encrypted or Password Protected or Ransomware storage Media.
    x Spares / Parts Required for Data Recovery.
    x Pickup or Drop Serivce or Shipping Charges.
    x Express Service.
  • Data Recovery Service Agreement and Guideline

  • FAQ

    Q 1 : What is Data Recovery cost ?

    A1 : The BUDGET product has a FIXED cost (see the product section for additional information) - charges are not dependant on data value or size.

    Q 2:100% Data Recovery?

    A 2: Here we are offering "Whatever we can recover will be delivered".

    Q 3:What is Success Ratio?

    A 3: 1st Case : Where we are first to access your device nearly success ratio is more than 99%.

    2nd Case: Where we are NOT the first to access your device nearly success ratio is between 80%-90%. (We are NOT ACCEPTING UNDER THIS PRODUCT/SERVICE)

    Q 4: Do you do data recovery on site?

    A 4: Presently we do not provide data recovery service on site. do check our site for future services.

    Q 5: What is cost if need our original Hard drive returned?

    A 5: Additional Charge of INR 4750/- per drive is applicable. In case client needs faulty,un-usable, non-workable drive.

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