Logical Data Recovery for Laptop or Desktop Hard drive

Logical Data Recovery for Laptop or Desktop Hard drive

₹10,000.00 Regular Price
₹7,500.00Sale Price

It is a  Logical Data Recovery Service plan for single Laptop or Desktop. This service is Required When Data is loss.


Perfect for Computer Service Provider or IT manager.


Logical Data Recovery case is Simpler and Deals with fully working hard drive, where data lost due to accidental user actions, a crash by application or the OS, or even partioning / formatting of hard drive by mistake.

  • Product Information

    Storage Device Capacity up to 2 TB
    Drive Type IDE or SATA
    File System Windows
    TAT (Turn-Around-Time) 4-15 Working Days
    Validity 1 Year or Multiple Instance

    1st Case Means : Our Company is the First to access storage device whose data is loss, User or Cliet or 3rd Party has NOT tried with other recoery company or Professional data recovery company or file software or data recovery tools or tempered device.

  • Disclaimer and Exclusion

    Whatever data is Recovered will be Delivered.
    Device Warranty will be Void.

    No Refund.

    x We are not the First to access the Device.
    x Encrypted or Password Protected or Ransomware storage Media.
    x Spares / Parts Required for Data Recovery.
    x Pickup or Drop Serivce or Shipping Charges.
    x Express Service.


  • Cases Covered

    Deleted Data or File Formatted Corrupted Partition
    BAD Sector Deleted Partition Deleted Folders

    * Overwritten data is not Recoverable - DO STOP WORKING AFTER SUCH DATA LOSS.

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Q-1. Meaning of Logical Data Recovery?

    A-1. Logical case is simpler and deals with fully working hard drive, where data lost due to accidental user actions, a crash by an application or the OS, or even portioning/reformatting of hard drive by mistake.


    Q-2. Any Additional Cost or charges?

    A-2. No Charge related to DATA RECOVERY, but any additional request or service is chargeable.


    Q-3. What if Recovery is not done.

    A-3. Here we are offering Data recovery Service, NOT GURANTEE for data, Re-read DISCLAIMER and Terms and Conditions.


    Q-4. Do you provide on-site or remote data recovery?

    A-4. Presently No, in future will come with paid model.

  • Terms and Conditions

    No Registration required for Logical Data Recovery – any laptop/desktop data recovery will be done.

    Terms and Conditions:


    The scheme is valid for 1 year and is valid only for India.


    Company or person who is Trader, Dealer, Service provider, Repairs in Computers Or IT Related field is eligible for the scheme.

    Office Timing:

    Weekdays: Monday to Friday. Business hours 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.


    • 1st Case - Regular Laptop and Desktop Hard drive capacity up to 2 TB only.


    • Servers, USB, External Drives, backup, encrypted or password protected, or Ransomware affected or Overwritten hard drives.
    • Pickup/Drop/courier or Express Service.
    • Operating system other than Windows.
    • Hard drives other than IDE/SATA.
    • Parts Required for Data Recovery.
    • Software, MP3, Audio, Video, Movie files, pornography etc. which is not categorized as data.

    Packing and Transportation:

    The client shall deliver the Hard Disk from which data is lost, at their own cost to the Company on weekdays (Mon-Fri) between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., duly packed in 2 inch bubble packing, covered by anti-static plastic or corrugated box along with details. Accessories (if any) may be accepted along with the hard disk at the sole risk of the Client.


    • Data recovery shall be provided on best effort basis and in the unlikely event where data is not recovered, the company shall not be liable for the same.
    • No payment or refund whatsoever will be given under any circumstances.
    • The data shall normally be recovered within 7 to 25 working days from the date of receiving the hard disk at company’s office/lab at Mumbai. The company shall not be responsible for any delays beyond its control.
    • In no event will company or any other party who has been involved in sale, delivery or registration of the product/service be liable for special direct, indirect or consequential damages, including loss of profit and loss of opportunity.
    • No express or implied terms other than the terms mentioned herein shall be applicable.

    Data Recovery Result:

    • Data recovery is on best effort basis, 100% data recovery is not guaranteed.
    • Whatever Data is recovered will be delivered.

    Other Charges:

    • Any Additional tax or duties arising out of change in government policies/rules shall be borne by the client.
    • No Charge related to DATA RECOVERY, but any additional request or service is chargeable.


    • Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.
    • In case of any dispute final decision will be of the Reliable Smart Service.


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