2nd Case Hard Drive 4 TB Process for Data Recovery

2nd Case Hard Drive 4 TB Process for Data Recovery


It is a 2nd Case storage drive Recovery Service. This service is required after Data is loss.


First of all WE DO NOT ACCEPT SUCH JOB. (Accepts only on our terms and process).


Data Recovery process = 1st Process - PARTS + 2nd process - Data Recovery

1st Process - Parts:

1.1 Client will arrange the PARTS.

- We will Just Quote for the Recovery i.e. 2nd process.


1.2 We have to arrange the PARTS.

- PARTS Cost will be PAID in Advance, next will Quote for Recovery.

(Applicable only if we have to arrange on client behalf and Non-returnable, Non-Adjustable, Non-Refunabale basis.)


2nd Process - Data Recovery.

2.1 Do Not Expect: 100% Result or May be NO RESULT.


2.2 Approximate Recovery cost will Start from INR 25000/- exact can be acertain after the First process is approved and PAID.


2.3 Once data recovery is possible, we will update only cost and if client is accpeted and paid delivery of data is done.

- Selective choice or Sharing Result is NOT Possible, Whatever data is recovered will be delivered.

  • Product Information

    Storage Device Capacity up to 4 TB
    Drive Type IDE or SATA
    File System Windows
    TAT (Turn-Around-Time) 7-25 Working Days
    Type of Case

    2nd Case

    2nd Case Means: Our company is NOT the First to access storage device whose data is loss. User or client or 3rd party has Already tried with other recovery company or professional data recovery company or file software or data recovery tools or tempered device.

  • Disclaimer and Exclusion

    Whatever data is Recovered will be Delivered.
    Device Warranty will be Void.

    Refundable, (In case of No Recovery is done)

    x Encrypted or Password Protected or Ransomware storage Media.
    x Spares / Parts Required for Data Recovery.
    x Pickup or Drop Serivce or Shipping Charges.
    x Express Service.
  • Data Recovery Guideline and Service Agreement

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