Congratulations! You Pay For 1 Drive Recovery, all succeeding drives send throughout the Month at INR 4750/-.

The goal is to give a reliable data recovery service via partners network at a reasonable cost and create a win-win situation for everyone.


What is the Offer?

Startup Development Team

Start of the Month Pay 6750/-

Include :

- 1st Recovery at No cost.

- All Succeeding drives sent throughout the month will be chargeable @ 4750/- per drive.

- 1st Case where we are the first people to access the drive for better and best result.

- Any Laptop or Desktop hard disk (IDE Or SATA) capacity up to 1 TB.

- TAT 4-15 Days

- Windows Operating File System


x Encrypted or Password Protected or Ransomware storage Media.
x Case diagnosed or checked by another Vendor.
x Spares / Parts Required for Data Recovery.
x Pickup or Drop Service or Shipping Charges.
x Express Service.

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- Whatever data is Recovered will be Delivered.

- Device Warranty will be Void,

- Original Hard drive will not be RETURNED.



Q - 1 : I have paid at start/middle of the month 6750/- and sent hard disk, recovery is not done and in month No HDD is received - do I get refund ?

A - 1 : Yes.

Q - 2: I have paid Start/middle of the month 6750/- and send hard disk, recovery is done and in month got second HDD - what is cost for recovery?

A - 2 : INR 4750/-

Q - 3 : I have got MAC drive - is this Covered?

A - 3 : No.

Q - 4 : Customer Requires a Original drive return - is there any charge ?

A - 4 : Yes, Additional per drive INR 2750/-

Q - 5 : Is this offer get over by month end ?

A - 5 : Yes.


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C607 Samruddhi apartment, Marve road, Malad West. Opp HDFC Bank, Mumbai-400064. India.

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